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7 Thanksgiving Classroom Activities

at Austin City Hall | Thu Nov 28


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10:15 AM - 08:00 AM
Thu, Nov 28, 2019
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It’s fall again and just before winter begins we have one holiday for children to learn about and enjoy – Thanksgiving. Here is a list of various thanksgiving activities for those who need homework help, teachers and parents.

Turkey Hunt. Find a stuffed animal, preferably a turkey but if not you can dress up any stuffed animal as a turkey, and hide it somewhere in the room. Have the children hunt for the turkey. The child who finds the turkey first is the one who hides it the next time.

Turkey Toss Game. Find a large brown grocery bag. Take two small lunch brown bags, gather them at the top so they look like drumsticks, and glue them to the large bag. Cut out and glue pieces of colored paper to make a turkey face and feathers as well. Use either sock balls or bean bags to toss. Allow students to take turns tossing into the bag.

Thanksgiving Word Find. Make a list of several large thanksgiving-related words, such as: Thanksgiving, Mayflower, Pilgrims, Cornucopia, etc. Have the students come up with as many little words (such as corn, may, flower, arc, car, cup, on, etc.) that can be made from the letters in the big words before the timer runs out.

Thanksgiving Dinner Game. Have the kids sit in a circle. The first student says “At Thanksgiving dinner I like to eat turkey”. The next student must say “At Thanksgiving dinner I like to eat turkey” and then they must add another dish. This continues around the circle. When a student misses a menu item, they must then leave the circle. The student that is left in the circle at the end with no mistakes wins.

Cranberry Spoon Race. Give each of the students a spoon and give them a scoop of cranberries or “crasins” to put on their spoons. Have the students race. The student who reaches the finish line first without losing any cranberries wins.

Turkey Strut. Take pieces of masking tap, cut them in the same of turkey footprints and stick them to the floor. Play some music and have the students “strut” to the music as it plays. When you stop the music, the students must a footprint to stand on. Only one student per footprint is allowed. When you start the music again, the students can then continue to “strut” around the room.

Turkey Walk. Play music and tell the students to walk in any of the following ways: a big turkey, little turkey, happy turkey, scared turkey, sad turkey, tired turkey, etc.