Light on Shadow - Fine Art Imagery by Shawn Heinrichs

at Southampton Arts Center | Sat May 26 - Mon Jul 16


Southampton Arts Center

25 Jobs Lane
Southampton, NY 11968

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11:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday through July 16
Cost: Free Event

"Light on Shadow seeks to highlight the struggle that sits at the very heart of his fine art practice. Together with the Blue Sphere Foundation he founded; the exhibition is an intimate journey through the reality of marine life under threat. Curated by Matthew Hockley Smith, the show is a powerful warning against complacency.

“Art is my passion, conservation is my purpose, and for me the two are inseparable. I have found art is the most powerful tool I can contribute to help protect the ocean’s most threatened species and habitats.” – Shawn Heinrichs

Shawn Heinrichs is an artist, Emmy-award winning cinematographer, photographer, and marine conservationist and the Founder of Blue Sphere Foundation. Shawn’s stunning and often stark artwork is fueled by his passion to protect the oceans, and the profound recognition that people only protect what they love. His images have transformed communities, and he hopes his work will inspire people to act before it is too late. A renowned expert on oceans and tireless activist, Shawn is a major force in the global fight to protect endangered marine species and habitats. His work takes him undercover to some of the most remote corners of the globe, providing a rare view of the people and circumstances surrounding the endangered species trade. He was one of the lead activists and co-creators of the Emmy-nominated film, “Racing Extinction”, one of the most watched environmental documentaries in history."

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