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RISE of The Jack O'Lanterns 2019

at Old Westbury Gardens | Fri Oct 04 - Mon Oct 28


Old Westbury Gardens

71 Old Westbury Gardens
Old Westbury, NY 11568
Tel: 516-252-3392

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"RISE of the Jack O'Lanterns at Old Westbury Gardens is a truly unique family-friendly experience that features over 5,000 illuminated jack o'lanterns along a 1/4 mile garden path. Each of our jack o'lanterns are hand-carved by paid artists using REAL pumpkins! Accept no imitations and get immersed in the real pumpkin experience!  Our pumpkins only last a few days so each week we carve a new batch of 5,000 fresh pumpkins! That's more than 20,000 pumpkins carved over 4 weeks!
As part of our efforts to make The RISE more of an immersive experience, this year we're overhauling the way we display our classic jack o'lanterns! Previously, we've had thousands of jack o'lanterns on the ground, some as as much as 40-feet back from the walking path, causing most to be displayed too low and too far back to really appreciate. This year, we're changing all that. We're bringing most of our jacks within 6 feet of the trail and we're elevating them to various heights so they'll be at eye level or higher for our visitors. You'll feel truly immersed in a corridor of jack o'lanterns that seem to RISE up out of the ground! And, yes, they'll be close enough to touch, and please do! Just don't scratch or poke them - any abrasions cause them to rot quicker and we need them to stay alive for at least 5 days!

You know those intricately carved 100+ pound pumpkins we're famous for? Expect 25% more on-trail this year! These ephemeral works of art are meticulously hand-painted and hand-carved by dozens of talented artists who put upwards of 20 hours of work into each pumpkin to make them perfect for your enjoyment!

Returning RISE visitors may remember that we lit up a few trees in years past. This year, we're lighting the path in a whole new way! Our Long Island visitors will walk through a forest of light unlike anything else seen before!

Last year, we started bringing a few of our jack o’lanterns to life in a brand new animated way. We introduced three new jack o’lantern characters on the trail who actually talk! This year, we're bringing two new ones to sing some songs from your favorite animated movies! You'll be singing along and wondering how we brought them to life!

We’re bringing in some of the top pumpkin sculptors in the country to carve a dozen of the most jaw-dropping externally-carved pumpkin sculptures you’ll ever see! You’ll find them along the trail submerged in a super-secret-solution so they’ll be preserved for the entire month of October!

We get quite a lot of compliments on the music you hear at The RISE each year. This year we're taking the sounds of the RISE to a new level. Expect to hear more familiar songs but with a new Halloween twist.

Want to see some of our carvers in action? Check out our live carving demonstrations. We’ll have a few of our top jack o’lantern artists carving live and answering your carving questions so you can take that knowledge home and make your doorstep jack o’lanterns the envy of the neighborhood!
REDUCED VISITOR COUNT (Long Island) **New!**
We're always trying to make The RISE experience better. Some of our guests would prefer to enjoy The RISE with as few other visitors on-trail at the same time. Delivering 5,000 hand-carved jack o'lanterns each week is very expensive (we pay all of our artists!). This requires us to sell a certain number of tickets each hour in order to cover those expenses. This year, we took a deep dive into our visitor count data and found a way to reduce the visitor volume in the first hour of each night by 20%! We hope this results in a noticeably less crowded feel on-trail during the first hour. Yes, all of you mathaletes out there are correct; there will be 20% less tickets available in the first four timeslots each night which means those timeslots and possibly the overall event, will sell out faster this year (so get your tickets now!).

You spoke. We listened! Last year, we made a few upgrades to enhance our food and beverage selections and we're doing the same this year. We’re going local and offering baked goods exclusively from Long Island bakeries.