Watercolor Bootcamp

at Virtual | Fri Sep 25 - Fri Oct 30



Long Island, NY

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Date & Time

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fri, Oct 30, 2020
Cost:    $170 members – $200 non-members

"This two hour per session, six week, ‘boot camp’ for watercolor will strengthen your skills from A to Z in watercolor.  Beginner or intermediate, this class will take you through all the essentials skills through a series of  exercises that will improve your watercolor ability culminating in a final two hour session where we will complete a painting together.  If you really want a good start in watercolor or if you currently paint in watercolor but want to improve your skills, this class will help get you there.  A materials list is provided.

A series of powerful exercises we will do together will focus on:

    The drawing / design and initial lay in of the drawing
    Tonal value – one of the most critical components in any painting
    Color — understanding basic color mixing, warm vs. cool color, and how to avoid common color mixing mistakes
    The ‘watercolor wash’ and working light to dark
    Wet on wet — wet on dry, and glazing
    A final landscape painting from photo reference to pull all these elements together

Pre-registration is required for this Zoom facilitated class.

Participants must have materials for the first day of class."

Nassau County Museum of Art

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